Study: Competencies and Qualifications in Canadian Public Relations and Communications Management

As a Canadian public relations or communications practitioner you have been invited to complete this online survey focusing on strategic thinking and qualifications in the field. Your response will be valuable in establishing a framework of expected competencies for public relations practitioners as well as the current value and recognition of post-secondary education and accreditation to advance the field.


In this online survey you will be asked to complete a Strategic Thinking Questionnaire (STQ) and a brief background questionnaire. You can expect to spend 10-20 minutes on this entire survey.


In order to establish an empirical and theoretical framework of competencies and qualifications in Canadian public relations and professional communications, this study will identify:


  • The core competencies and skill-sets expected of practitioners.
  • The extent to which accreditation (e.g. APR, ABC) is valued by practitioners, employers, and clients.
  • The reasons for the rise in Canadian public relations and communications management degree programs since 1996.


In addition to this online survey, data is also being gathered from interviews with 25 leading pracitioners and scholars as well as a content analysis of 600 job postings from 2009-2013. Strategic/critical thinking was frequently mentioned as a key competency from both of these sources.



*This survey is part of an MA thesis study at Royal Roads University being completed by Dustin Manley. This study is not sponsored by any organization or individual.

There are 12 questions in this survey.