Academics’ use of social media: care and vulnerability

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Dr. George Veletsianos
Canada Research Chair and Associate Professor
Royal Roads University
Dr. Bonnie Stewart
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Royal Roads University/University of Prince Edward Island
We would like to invite you to participate to a study entitled Academics’ use of social media: care and vulnerability. The purpose of this research is to describe, understand, and interpret academics’ experiences with social media and in particular to explore how academics use social media to share the challenges they face, express their vulnerabilities, and experience care online.
You are being invited to participate because you discussed a significant challenge that you faced in your life on public social media. I have either read that post or one of your colleagues pointed me to your post.
If you agree to participate, you will be asked to:
answer six short demographic questions about yourself
participate in an individual audio-recorded interview about your experiences.
Your participation to this study is completely voluntary. You are entirely free to decline participation, to withdraw from the interview at any time, and to refuse to answer any questions. If you choose to withdraw, all of your contributed data will be destroyed.
We will ask some sensitive questions in our interview. For example, we will ask you to discuss with me a personal or professional struggle that you shared on social media and share with me some of the reasons for doing so.
The interview is expected to take about 45 minutes. The interview will be recorded for transcription and the recording will be destroyed once transcribed. The transcribed interviews will be securely kept as encrypted digital files for 3 years, and after 3 years, they will be destroyed.
The information that you share in this study will be confidential. To ensure that you remain anonymous, a fictitious name will be used in transcribed interviews and all publications. No identifiable personal information will be collected.
The planned outcomes of this research are as follows: We would like to publish a series of articles and books on the topic of academics’ experiences with social media/networks.
This study has received clearance through the Royal Roads University Research Ethics Board. The researchers' credentials with Royal Roads University can be established by contacting Dr. Jo Axe, Director of the School of Education and Technology at
By clicking on the “I agree” button below, you agree to participate in the project, and you will be taken to a page to answer the demographic questionnaire. If you do not agree to participate in the project, click on the “Exit and clear survey” button at the bottom right of this page.

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